Not every person needs high level production of their songs, and not every person can afford it.  However, everyone needs good quality.  This is why we offer the $100 Demo Special.  Even when the production level is simpler and the budget is lower, we still offer great audio quality. The fact is, demos do not have to be full band productions.  If you are trying to pitch your songs to artists to get them to record your song, they are going to be listening to the content and the melody more than anything else.
Songwriters love this special, but our $100 Demo Special is perfect for many people.  For only $100 per song, we provide a good, simple arrangement of your song.


What Does This Include?


How Does This Work?

You send us a recording of the song in MP3 format, with you or someone else singing it. 


If it is possible, have someone play a piano or guitar with the singer so that we can get an undrstanding of the chords that you intend to be used (although we will sometimes change chords and the timing of the chord changes in a way that makes the song work better musically).


We will take your song, write an intro for it, then write out a simple arrangement of it (i.e.Intro, Verse, Chorus, instrumental turn around, verse, chorus, chorus, tag, outro, ending.) At that point we would record it and send you the mixed track for it.


*Please note that, if you only have lyrics for your songs, without melodies, we do not offer the service of writing the melodies for songs.

The $100 Demo Special includes an acoustic guitar OR a piano and a lead vocal. If you only need us to record the music, and you plan for you or someone else, other than us, to sing on it, then our fee for the song will only be $80 for each song.


Other instruments can be added at a cost of $20 per song (per instrument). These instruments include: Electric or Upright Bass, Steel Guitar, Dobro, Harmonica, Cello, Mandolin, and Banjo. Simple or Full Orchestration can also be provided for additional fees. Background vocals can also be added for $30 per song.



Booking Time With Us
        (If Desired)


If you wish to come to our studio in order for you, your group, or someone else to sing on the recordings that we do for you, we can easily accommodate you.


We offer high quality vocal recording as well as precise vocal tuning and alignment, if desired.


Our studio time for vocal recording is $40 per hour.


Our rate for vocal editing, vocal tuning, and alignment is $20 per hour.

It's That Simple!

If You Can't Hear The Music Press Play!


“CheapSongDemos has arranged and recorded eight of my songs, and I have loved them all.  This was my first time recording, yet I was at total ease.  Give them a try.  You will be just as happy with your results as I am with mine."

Thelma Wallen, Singer & Songwriter